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Mount Pleasant
Movie Night

Enrich Magazine recognizes Doug on City Hall Roof
Enrich Magazine recognizes Doug on City Hall Rooftop

Nick Giovenco chats with Councillor Doug Whillans at the New Year's Levee held at Brampton's city hall on Saturday January
Brampton councillor looks to build on family's political legacy

Doug Donates at Food Drive
Doug Donates at Unifor
Local 584 Food Drive

Doug Speaks At Loafers Lake
Doug Speaks At
Loafers Lake

Kevin a. Sorenson
Community BBQ

Canada Day - Seeback and Whillans
Celebrating Canada Day

Hospital Ground Breaking
Hospital Ground Breaking

Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market

Ken Whillans Square celebrating the National Day of Honour with Regional Councillor John Sanderson and George “Posty” Burrows who celebrates his 96th birthday this year on June13th .

City TV Breakfast TV for Earth Day Clean Up At Madoc Public School



October 22, 2018

As the polls close tonight, I want to thank you all.
I am humbled to have your trust again.

Thank you, again to my friends, and you, the voters. I
will work steadfast for you and our city.

To my fellow candidates, your effort was hard fought and
you should be proud of yourselves and your team.

I look forward to working with our new council.

Doug Whillans



Doug Whillans





I have dedicated my last term on Council to ensuring that Brampton continues to be a better place to live. I want assure the residents of Wards 2 & 6, that I share your same sense of commitment to our community.

Municipal politics influences your daily lives more than any other level of Government. It is the most accessible, and with your continued support I will ensure it remains open and accountable to you.

Brampton continues to grow and together we will face many new challenges. We need careful planning to meet the many needs of our diverse community. We need to ensure Brampton remains a vibrant place to live while balancing the long-term costs to match our tax base that goes with maintaining infrastructure.

I want to remain at the forefront, addressing the issues and advocating for what is important to you, the constituents, and all our city's taxpayers.

As someone who has volunteered and been involved in our community for over 30 years, I find it very humbling to see my name on an election sign.  I always feel a sense of trepidation but that taps into a new reserve of determination for me; a staunch determination to make this City a better place to live, work and play. When I see my name on the ballot this October 22nd it will have me taking a deep breath and contemplating if my hard work has had a positive outcome for our wonderful City.

As I go door to door visiting the many friendly and on a few occasions, the not so friendly faces, it is always a pleasure for me to listen and address to your questions and concerns. To interact with our residents and to see that they are engaged and knowing that they want to be part of a community where all residents are treated equally and fairly is so exciting.  This to me is the first stage of building a complete community in which we all can partake.

Change takes time and effort from not only within the confines of City hall but from within the community.  This is our community, our home, our special place. It reflects who we are today and who we can be tomorrow.  I see a path where a path may not be and I am delighted that so many of you will join me and walk that unbeaten path together.